What we do

We strive to have a presence at as many biker events as we can each year. We share Jesus' love in many different ways including selling programs running helmet parks and Holy Joes Café serving tea, coffee and cold drinks. Holy Joes are usually run at larger rallies and are open into the early hours or even open 24 hours not closing for the duration of the rally. Holy Joes have become a place for people to relax, chat about the good and bad times and talk about their problems and worries, knowing that they will be listened to and not laughed at. We see a great need at these rallies and pray that the freedom only Christ can give will touch and change many lives.

We produce our own magazine three times a year called "Chainlink". This gives us an opportunity to communicate with members and supporters as well as supporting churches what we have been doing both on a national level and on a branch level. Chainlink is available in hard copy and electronically and can be downloaded from the down loads section on the website.

We have our own prayer network called "Fasttrack" so that if any members or friends and family of bikers need urgent prayer we can get this moving straight away via the email.

The CMA gives 10% of its general income to other charities in accordance with the teaching of scripture and as thanks for what God has given us. For more details follow the tithes link.


CMA members are spread all over the country and are grouped into branches meeting in their area. Each branch has a chairman or woman, treasurer and secretary who are elected by the membership of that branch. They are responsible for the day to day running of the branch. The branch is responsible for arranging their own meetings each month and events that they attend and networking with motorcycle clubs in their area.

The local Branch is responsible for the work of the CMA in its own area which includes making contact with local motorcyclisis, other bike clubs, youth groups, etc., anywhere the Lord may lead them to be a witness for Him. They also organise prayer and Bible studies, social events, bike runs and charity events - each branch doing what is most suited to its own area.

The National Executive are elected by the members and are headed up by the National Chairman. They meet regularly throughout the year and are responsible for the day to day running of CMA and seek God's will for the direction CMA should be moving in. They serve and encourage members in their work.

We are also a registered charity (number 1080911) and have trustees who oversee the charity. Our constitution, as approved by the Charity Commision, governs the legal aspects of our charitable status, and our rules how we apply them.